Join us Saturday night for a free photowalk!

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What are you doing this weekend to ignite your photography passion?

How about if you join Out of Chicago on Saturday for our free walk from Lincoln Park to North Avenue Beach? We will meet at 7:00 Saturday evening at the pavilion right outside the Lincoln Park Zoo, head over the pedestrian bridge, then over to North Avenue Beach.

The pavilion is so much fun to shoot- get a great view of the skyline and you will walk away with so many unique images of the pavilion too! After we shoot there, we will walk over the pedestrian bridge where you will get some cool light trail shots of the cars passing underneath Lake Shore Drive. After we finish there, we will head over to North Avenue Beach where you’ll find a great shot of the skyline.

After the walk, head over to Gamekeeper’s Sports Bar with your new friends to grab a drink and some food!

At Out of Chicago, we want to help guide you on your photographic journey by creating a fun photography community and providing new ways to ignite your passion! We hope to see you Saturday…make sure to sign up below.

Click here to learn more and register for free >

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