The rush of the big city: Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal has been a landmark site in Midtown New York originally built in 1871. The site, which has experienced several renovations (major overhauls) over the past century. In 2013, the site celebrated its 100th anniversary of its rebuilding and continues to draw people to its architectural and functional beauty.

Grand Central Terminal has over 44 platforms and serves over 200,000 New York commuters daily. Grand Central Terminal is not only a transportation hub but also a place of history and artists that cannot be found anywhere else. Every corner and angle of the property provides artistic views and photographic opportunities. The average passerby, through the historic site is so focused on their train departure that they miss the beauty that is right in front of them.


Grand Central has become one of my favorite places to visit and photograph. Having been born in New York as a young boy, I would always make an excuse to visit Grand Central Terminal. My brother and I would hop the subways and end up in Grand Central as two young explorers.

Over the past several years, I have been fortunate to lead many photowalks through Grand Central Terminal. As part of the photowalks, I have been granted behind the scenes access to many parts of the terminal, that few have ever seen. What I emphasize in the photowalks is not only the beauty and historic aspects of the terminal but also the people and their uniqueness coming through the terminal everyday.


The photowalks, guided by and with input from a local representative of the MTA include not only the main areas of the terminal but also cover the aspects of the terminal that are not open to visitors (or included in their tours). The once in a life time opportunity to hear about the history and tour areas not generally open create a tremendous photographic journey that will be amazing.


Not only are we down below the track exploring history, we have the opportunity to explore the catwalks up above capturing the view from the top as depicted in this image. There is so much to see and photograph.

Grand Central Terminal is an iconic site that many have seen and most have not experienced through the lens of their camera. That experience is only more enhanced by the opportunity to walk through history on this photowalk with experienced guides and our cameras and tripods in hand.

Here is a sneak preview of a previous photowalk that I led in February 2016.

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