Still need a room? Book your stay in New York with these tips!

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Have you signed up yet to join us in New York City? If yes, we sure can’t wait to see you! The Out of New York Conference is going to be so much fun; we are so excited to take our amazing event on the road and have an opportunity to photograph another phenomenal city!

If you’re still considering the trip but hesitant because you’re not sure where to stay, I’ve done some legwork for you. We want this to be as simple and comfortable as possible for you to join us!

I checked out Priceline the other day — I have used them a lot, and it’s always been a great experience. Have you ever checked out their “Express Deals?” You don’t have to actually bid on the rooms, yet you don’t know exactly the hotel you will get. It will say for example, “In the Wall Street Area,” for a 4-star hotel, and it’s only $184/night. When I mapped it out, this would be about a 15 minute commute without traffic. There was even a 3-star hotel in the neighborhood of the conference, near CUNY Graduate Center and it was only $174/night!

One of the hotels you could consider is POD 51 — this is less than 2 miles away! Check it out,…they have rooms for about $185/night…the only catch? You would have to share a bathroom. C’mon — that’s not the worse thing in the world, is it?

Out of Chicago does have a block of rooms at the Hotel Pennsylvania. The block will only be good until Sept, 23, so you’ll have to book soon! Use this link for our rates. You can get their “classic” rooms for $219/night but for $249, you can get upgraded, nicer rooms. I think you should check these out — only about a 10 minute walk, too.

What about staying in New Jersey? You might think this could be too inconvenient, but the extra travel time could be well worth the hotel room savings! I found the Best Western in Fort Lee, NJ — $119/night and the Meadowland Plaza Hotel in Secaucus — $124/night. These both would have about a 30 minute commute without traffic. There is certainly public transportation too to get you there, which would be your best option!

The Out of Chicago team used to find our place in New Jersey — this is a cool option, staying either in rooms or apartments put up for rent by the owners. If you’re a little more adventurous, another cool idea I have heard of but haven’t used myself, is People open up their homes to meet new people and let you stay with them for free!

Coming to New York with the Out of Chicago team will be well worth the trip, and we hope to make it as simple as possible!

It’s that easy — choose one of these great lodging options, book your flight into Laguardia in NY or Newark, NJ, and meet us at Out of New York at CUNY Graduate Center on Friday, Oct. 13! Use NYC50 for $50 off your registration too.

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