Three simple tips to combat reflections in glasses

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As a corporate photographer, there’s one thing that gets me frustrated, probably more than anything else.


Nearly every headshot session I do, there’s always one person in the group who wears glasses that seem to be way more reflective than anyone else!

But if you keep a few things in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating great portraits, without that reflectiveness glaring back at your through the lens.

Stay away from on-camera lighting

With on-camera lighting, you have very little control over the angle or positioning of the flash. Plus, on-camera lighting (speedlight or otherwise) is more likely to give a more harsh glare in the glasses.

Instead, use off-camera speedlights or strobes, with umbrellas or soft boxes. These will allow you to have more control of the light, allowing for softness and letting you adjust angles, versus a harsh light that’s more stationery and could hit the glasses.

Headshot Glasses

By having the subject tilt her glasses, reflections disappeared from the glasses, lighting the rest of her face in a soft light.

Have the subject tilt their glasses

While this might sound a little weird, if glasses are giving you trouble, have them tilt their glasses down a little. They can do this by pushing them up from where they rest on their ears.

This will make it so that the glasses aren’t facing right at the lights or the camera, meaning the possibility of reflections will all but disappear.

Angle the subject

This goes for people without glasses too, but play around with angles with the subject. Instead of having your subject looking right at your camera, have them look at one of your ears or shoulders (depending on their height). They’ll move their head ever so slightly, which in turn moves their glasses out of the way of reflections.

This also adds some interest with the subject, and makes them seem more “open” and friendly.

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