Photographic exposure with Bryan Peterson: OOC Podcast Episode 43

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In this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, Michael Novo sits down with Bryan Peterson to discuss photographic exposure. Peterson, who presented at the Out of Chicago Conference, is a photographer and author of several books, including “Understanding Exposure.”

He explains how he went about writing “Understanding Exposure,” and why exposure is more complicated beyond ISO and aperture settings in dark and light settings. The book, originally released in 1990, was released in its fourth edition in March. It teaches photographers how to capture the images they desire by explaining exposure concepts in-depth — including light, aperture and shutter speed.

“Understanding Exposure” has sold over a million copies, and is available in nine languages.

He also gives some tips on how to better enhance your portraits by using items like diffusers, as well as how to best compose portraits as a beginner photographer.

Historically a commercial photographer, Peterson also runs an online photo school and workshops across the globe. Starting in September, Peterson will launch, which will feature videos, critiques, webinars, contests and more.

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