How low can you go? It’s the Platypod Pro Max

 In Gear

I have been using the Original Platypod Pro for a few months and it’s a great little device. Platypod is about to release its latest; the Platypod Pro Max.

The Platypod Pro Max takes the original Platypod to the next level. With the orginal Platypod I would throw it in with my mirrorless camera and a very small ballhead. This is perfect for street photographers that don’t want a tripod with them. I can mount my full size ballhead to the Platypod Max and use it to support my DSLR and lenses. The plate fits easily into my DSLR backpack and only comes out when I really need to go low.

Here I am at Waterfall Bridge in Acadia National Park. The Max was rock solid.


I took the Max to the botanic garden and put it through its paces. It’s perfect for getting down low or in this case when there is a short wall at the level of the flowers. You can really get in close with your subject. I was sitting on the ground and tried all different compositions looking for the right shot.


I don’t plan to give up my full-size tripod. But I will bring along the Platypod Pro or Platypod Pro Max when I know I’ll be shooting low to the ground. And there will be times that the Platypod will allow me to leave the tripod at home.

The Platypod Pro Max is a Kickstarter project that is kicking butt. If you’d like to get in on the first round of shipments, go to its Kickstarter page. While you’re there, read the backstory and learn everything there is to know about Platypod.

We will be giving away at least one Platypod at the Out of Chicago Photography Conference at the end of this week. I hope to see you there!




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