The Out of New York Photography Conference: OOC Podcast Episode 32

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This week on the Out of Chicago Podcast, Chris discusses the upcoming Out of New York Photography Conference.

Out of Chicago will call New York City home from October 14-15, with on-the-street workshops available on Oct. 16. Located across from the Empire State Building, the Out of New York Photography Conference will be held in the heart of Manhattan, allowing you to explore the city and the many sights it has to offer.

Out of New York has the most epic lineup to date of any of our conferences. You learn and shoot with Rick Sammon, Lindsay Adler, RC Concepcion, Valerie Jardin, John Kosmopolous, Bryan Peterson, Vivienne Gucwa, David Carol, Steve Simon, Marie Laigneau, Frederick Van Johnson, Jim Harmer, Mike Moats, Rick Gerrity, Tim Grey, Neil Van Niekerk, Gabriel Biderman, Chris Gampat, Ralph Velasco, Angie McMonigal, James Maher, Anne Belmont, Jim Welninski, Michael Muraz and Chris Nicholson. We will be adding more instructors in the next few months.

Registration opens March 22 with early bird registration until the end of the month. Sign up at to receive a discount code for an additional $50 off when registration opens. The price increases April 1st.

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