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Earlier this month, I launched a free monthly photography e-magazine called Inspirational Photography, available just for the asking (no strings attached) by clicking here.

The magazine is designed for beginner/intermediate photographers, but also includes content for experienced photographers, such as advanced processing techniques. To give you an idea of what’s included, below are some features from the March issue.

An article on techniques for creating wide-angle portraits that capture emotion, which is the topic of my presentation at this year’s Out Of Chicago Summer Conference. I outline in step-by-step fashion how I shot portrait images like the Indonesian dockworker below.

Dock worker in a Jakarta shipyard poses for the camera.

Dock worker in a Jakarta shipyard poses for the camera.

Also included in the March issue is an article that outlines four techniques for creating high impact photos with small subjects. One technique is framing your subject, such as in the image from Namibia below.

Clouds over Deadvlei, Namibia's dead tree forest

Clouds over Deadvlei, Namibia’s dead tree forest

Each month, I’ll include a processing tip. This month’s tip was how to enhance the transitional qualities of certain images by pushing blue into the shadows. This is done using a curves layer in Photoshop. I use the image from Iceland below to teach the technique.

Sunrise behind Icebergs on Iceland's black sand beach Breidamerkursandur.

Sunrise behind Icebergs on Iceland’s black sand beach Breidamerkursandur.

There are more articles and features included, but you get the idea!

See you at the Out of Chicago Summer Conference!

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