Defining fine art photography: OOC Podcast Episode 26

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We welcome Michael Novo to Out of Chicago, who sits down with fine art photographer Thom Rouse in this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast.

Thom is the author of After the Camera: Digital Transformations for Conceptual Nude & Portrait Photography, discussing the creative process behind his portrait work. In this podcast, he discusses his transition to the digital world, and his influences during that change.

In talking about being labeled as “fine art,” Thom notes that art is defined by how you purpose it. It has to be true to yourself. He mentions that you have to draw on something personal, and allow that to show throughout your process.

Thom is teaching at the Out of Chicago Portrait Conference, and is offering a $50 discount when you use the promo code “thomrouse50” during registration. Visit to get started.

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