Building a community through photography classes: OOC Podcast Episode 25

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In this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, Chris talks to Nick Sinnott of Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes, about the benefits of taking classes in order to build a photography community.

Nick is a partner at Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes, which offers classes for all skill sets. There are several classes to be taken, outlined at

The company offers a free, introductory 90-minute class open to the public on Sundays. From there, seven week classes are available at various levels, ranging from printing, organizing, showing, as well as basic and advanced photography skills.

Nick is providing a free Adobe Lightroom quiz to Out of Chicago listeners. Please click the button below to claim your free copy!

Get Your Free Adobe Lightroom Quiz!

You can also text “SINNOTT” to 44222 to receive the quiz on your mobile device.

Nick will also be speaking at the Out of Chicago Winter Conference, held February 20. If you use coupon code WINTER50, you’ll get $50 off your registration.

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