Working off a shot list with Ralph Velasco: OOC Podcast Episode 24

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UPDATE: The code to text has been updated to “Ralph1”. Please email with any questions!

Chris talks to Ralph Velasco of PhotoEnrichment Programs, Inc., about working off a shot list for your travel photography.

Ralph is the founder of PhotoEnrichment Programs, Inc., a company which organizes and leads customized cultural photography tours around the world.

Working off a shot list is meant to give yourself, as a photographer, a framework to work off of. It’s meant to provide structure for your photography. Ralph’s iOS app, My Shot Lists for Travel, leads you through 52 categories, to help you have a well-rounded set of images throughout the year.

Focusing on the uniqueness of location, or looking for that extra layer in your photo, helps to give a sense of place to your audience when viewing travel photographs.

Ralph is providing his eBook, “Essence of a Place,” for free for Out of Chicago listeners. Please click the button below to claim your free copy!

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You can also text “Ralph1” to 44222 to receive the eBook on your mobile device.

In addition to Ralph’s travel work, he is speaking at the Travel & Adventure Show when it comes to Chicago January 23-24. If you use coupon code RALPH, you will receive a discount off the regular ticket price.

He’s also speaking at the Out of Chicago Winter Conference, held February 20. If you use coupon code WINTER50, you’ll get $50 off your registration.

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