The Best Parking Garages for Chicago Photographers: OOC Episode 11

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Chicago Parking Garages

One of the best places to find a new vantage point to shoot the city is a parking garage. Here are my top 7 parking garages in Chicago for photographers, in no particular order. If you know of any that I’m missing, let me know!

If you haven’t used, here is a link that will give you $5 free credit. You haven’t used SpotHero? It’s awesome. Put in the the place that you want to park and it will show you all the nearby garages and their prices. You reserve it through SpotHero and you’re all set!

Get details and photo tips on the first five spots in The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago.

  1. UIC Harrison Street Garage
  2. Navy Pier
  3. Mart Parc Orleans
  4. Mart Parc W ells
  5. Lake and Wells
  6. Hilton South Loop Garage
  7. Batman Garage 200 W Randolph
  8. Rush University Medical Center Parking Garage

Pick of the week

A circular polarizing filter! The best of the best are B+W. Whatever you do, don’t by a cheap filter for your expensive lens. Here’s what I use. Don’t forget that you can get step up rings so that you can use one filter on multiple lenses.


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