Olympus E-M10 Review, Mike Stephen, and Photographing Reflections: OOC Episode 9

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This Saturday is the seminar with Art Wolfe. Use the coupon code “Chicago2014” for 20% off. We may do an Out of Chicago walk or tour after the seminar to put some of these composition tips to use.

Olympus E-M10 Review

It’s a lovely camera! It’s a great compliment to a DSLR. I love it for family photos. I love it for shooting discreetly. I’m not the biggest fan of it for night photography. Their repair service is not good. It took almost 30 days to get it back. Overall, I’d get it again, but it I had more money, I might consider the Fuji X-T1 instead.

Interview with Mike Stephen

Mike Stephen runs the Outside the Loop show on WLUW 88.7 in Chicago. You can listen to all of the episodes at www.outsidetheloop.com.

Mike and I talk about some of the best places and events to shoot in the summer in Chicago and he shares tips for some awesome food photography.

Photographing Reflections

After all of the rain we’ve had the past few weeks, I’ve been shooting a lot of reflections in puddles. You can also get great reflections in windows and even granite park benches. I give you some tips for shooting these. Get some inspiration from Seth Oliver’s Flickr site.


Some of my reflection examples

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