Night Photography Subjects, Max Wilson, North Avenue Beach: OOC Episode 5

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Night Photography Subjects

If you missed our last two episodes, go back to hear about night photography equipment and night photography camera settings.

Night photography in the city leads to subjects that wouldn’t be interesting during the day. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Long exposures without ND filters: fountains, the lake, people, car trails (bus and train trails too!) See my article 5 Advanced Tips for Light Trail Photography on Digital Photography School.
  • Reflections in water/rainy nights
  • Cityscapes, light pollution
  • The lights of the city (starbursts)
  • Silhouettes

An Interview with Max Wilson

Max Wilson is a timelapse photographer that shoots mostly Chicago timelapses. I joined him this week for one of his rooftop shoots and was able to interview him from the roof!

Chicago Timelapse Project


Art Wolfe in Chicago

The Out of Chicago Conference

Photographing Chicago from North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach is one of the best spots to photograph the Chicago Skyline. It’s different than shooting from Adler Planetarium where you can see the entire skyline, but it gives an opportunity to see more interesting views of the city. It’s a great location at night, sunrise, or sunset.

  • Along the water’s edge
  • Out on the breakwater
  • Walk to Fullerton Beach, Lincoln Park, Downtown

Pick of the week

Lenskirt: A great tool for shooting through glass. I was going to recommend it to Max Wilson until I saw that he has about 4 of them.

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