Night Photography Equipment,, and the Chicago Theater: OOC Episode 3

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Out of Chicago Podcast Episode 3

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1. Equipment for night photography in the city

Over the next few episodes I’ll be giving advice for night photography in the city. Today we start with equipment for night photography.

  • Tripods: Put your money into a good tripod
  • Camera: Any camera will work
  • Lenses: You don’t need fast glass. 70-200 2.8 vs. 70-300L
  • Filters: Take your filters off! ND? Grad ND?
  • Lens Hoods: Keep streetlights from creating flare
  • Cable release: 2-second delay, cable releases, smart phone apps
  • Lens cloth/blower
  • Flashlight: I use the Petzl Zipka Plus 2
  • Apps on your phone: Rick Sammon’s Photo Sundial
  • Migraine Medicine



2. An Interview with Jim Phillips and Pat Armell of

Jim Philips and Pat Armell have been running the site since 2008 providing great information about the history of the bridges as well as updates on bridges lifts and construction. This is where I go to get information on the bridges if I want to photograph them. Jim and Pat also offer guided tours of the bridges at their touring page. Jim and Pat give some great tips for photographing the spring and fall bridge lifts or just shooting the bridges any other time of year.

Two Miles-Eighteen Bridges: Book by Jim Phillips


3. Chicago Location: The Chicago Theater at Night

Put those night photography tips to use at a classic Chicago photo destination; The Chicago Theater. There are some obvious places to shoot the theater from, but I share a couple that you may not have tried before too.

State Street Chicago

Chicago Theater Night


Pick of the week: The Adobe Creative Cloud Photographer’s package

For $9.99 a month you get Photoshop, Lightroom, and Lightroom Mobile. A year ago it would cost hundreds of dollars to buy just Photoshop. This is a fantastic deal that you should jump on if you haven’t already.


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