OOC Architectural Photography Seminar- Just One Week Away!

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Open House Chicago, the weekend where Chicago photographers can shoot buildings that are typically closed to the public, is almost here. Before the event begins, come to the Out of Chicago Architectural Photography Seminar on Friday, October 16th, and learn from some of the greatest architects & architectural photographers! Julia Anna Gospodarou As a master architect and [...]

Out of Chicago Bus Tour

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The weather looks great for our Chicago bus tour this Saturday, August 22nd! Our first pickup at 2:00pm will be at the Hyatt in Deerfield. Other pickup locations will be at Mary Bartelme Park, Union Station, and Millennium Park. We will hit the best places to shoot in Chicago including the Chicago Riverwalk, Millennium Park, [...]

Presentation with Mike MacDonald

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Mike MacDonald is presenting tonight at the Chicago Botanic Garden! Mike is an internationally published photographer, author, comedian, educator, public speaker, computer programmer, and mathematician. I began following Mike because of his passion for Chicago nature. He knows all of the best places to photograph nature in Chicago, as well as when and how to [...]

Photographing the Chicago Sofitel Hotel

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Chicago's Sofitel Hotel is one unique building! I don't know if there are more angles or curves. But I know there are a lot of interesting positions to shoot it from. If you're photographing the Sofitel make sure you walk across the street, down the street, and right up under it. Every angle gives a [...]

From Synagogue to Church

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Stone Temple Missionary Baptist Church Photographs and article by Frederick Nachman In 1897, a group of immigrants formed a synagogue, the First Roumanian Congregation. Five years later, it purchased a pre-Chicago Fire former German church at 497 (now 1352 S.) Union Street in the Maxwell Street area. The congregation grew rapidly, and by 1911 it [...]

Last Chance to save $150 on the Out of Chicago Photography Conference

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I hope that you'll join me this summer for Out of Chicago's biggest and most exciting event of the year. I have brought together 32 of my favorite photographers and photography teachers. I'm paying to fly some of them from the other side of the world. And others are flying from all parts of the [...]

Modern Architecture Photography Minibus Tour!

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Angie McMonigal and I are leading a tour of our favorite architectural places to shoot on April 18th. We are getting a small bus to take a group of up to 20 people to our favorite buildings that you can't get to on a walking tour. It's going to be a great day. I hope [...]

Shooting Winter in Door County

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17° below zero is not your normal shooting environment.  In fact most people might think going outside to take pictures under 32° might be a little insane.  As for me, getting accused of being a little crazy is not unusual. I enjoy taking pictures in places where many people won’t go or at a time of [...]

Chris Smith Prints at Uncommon Prints

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I haven't put much time or energy into selling prints, but when Jennifer Ogarek, founder of Uncommon Prints, asked me to be one of their artists, I couldn't say no. Uncommon prints specializes in Contemporary Wall Decor and has a diverse selection of artist galleries. Check out my gallery of prints available on Uncommon Prints. [...]

Photographing Architecture Day 4: Post Processing

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These last two days of this series will concentrate on post processing. Today I'll give you some of the fundamental changes that you may need to make to your architectural images. Of course, if you'd like to see me work through a view examples in person, I'll be leading the architectural photography workshop this weekend [...]