Jazz and Family Legacy in Photography

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Article and images by Alton Parker. Shooting urban landscape photography here in Chicago has been my passion for almost 20 years. But the very first urban landscape photo I ever shot was from the observatory deck of the Empire State Building in New York.  I used my mom's old Kodak Instamatic camera.  By the age [...]

Introducing Our New Editor, Wendy Bright

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Wendy Bright has been my biggest supporter from the beginning. She writes her own architecture articles for the site, has helped me lead photo tours, helped me write The Photographer's Guide to Chicago, and was a big part of the success of our first Out of Chicago Conference. Wendy is taking over an even bigger [...]

The Out of Chicago Photography Podcast

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This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time. A lot of people have tried to talk me out of this, and it's worked. Until now. There are three episodes out already, including interviews with Valerie Jardin, Mike Boening, and Jim Phillips and Pat Armell of You can subscribe to the [...]

The Out of Chicago Community Spring 2014

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Saturday we had a wonderful turnout at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I am always pleasantly surprised by the great people that come to the Out of Chicago events. Saturday night we did our Loop tour with Wendy Bright and had perfect weather for exploring the Loop. I'll be teaching my Lightroom class this Sunday in [...]

Out of Chicago is Looking for Writers

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Awesome! Do you want to share some of your knowledge of Chicago and photography? Do you want to get a little more exposure? This is your opportunity. I'm looking for some new voices to add to Out of Chicago. If you're interested in writing an article or becoming a regular writer for the site, email [...]

Meet Photographer Bill Fortney!

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Bill Fortney, one of my photography heroes, from KelbyOne contacted me last week to say that he's going to be in town this week and wondered if the Out of Chicago community would like to do a little get-together. The problem is that I don't have a room to hold it in. I have a [...]

Explore the Loop Tour with Wendy and Chris

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Postponed! We will reschedule the tour for a date in the next few weeks. Join me and Wendy Bright for our next photo tour on Saturday, March 1st. This time we will be hitting all of the best locations in the Loop. Wendy knows the architecture and history behind this area better than anyone. And [...]

Why Google+ is Better for Photographers than Flickr

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I've been on Flickr since 2006. And Google+ for a couple years. I've just seriously started trying to use Google+ again. Although there are some things that are still frustrating about it, like the way you post to communities, there are a number of things that Google+ is doing that are so much better than [...]

Top Secret Projects

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The past few weeks I've spent my free time learning to write iPhone apps. (I've also made it through the first two and half seasons of Breaking Bad.) So although I haven't been updating the site, I've been busy. At the end of The Photographer's Guide to Chicago I promised an upcoming map showing the [...]

Announcing an Events Calendar

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It's been a long time coming, but we finally have an events calendar at Out of Chicago. But the bigger news is that we will be adding a lot of dates to it over the next few days. There is a link to "Events" in the top menu or go to it here.