Meet our presenters: a five-question interview with Rick Sammon

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To shed some light on our upcoming Out of New York Photography Conference, we introduce this new blog series: “Meet Our Presenters.” Designed to more deeply explore the lives and philosophies of some of our most renowned photographers, these five-question interviews are intended to tell their stories from a new and intriguing perspective. First out [...]

Advanced retouching: OOC Podcast Episode 29

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In this episode of the Out of Chicago Podcast, Michael Novo talks to Mark Serrano, a professional portrait photographer and expert retouching. Mark discusses going through the edit process with clients, from out of camera to the final product. He also discusses his workflow, which can sometimes last upwards of four hours per photo, dealing with [...]

Listen to Levi Sim and Me on Photofocus!

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People ask me how I've learned so much about photography in such a short time. The answer is that I eat, sleep, and breathe photography as much as I can. One way I do that is by listening to photography podcasts on my way to and from work. Rather than fill that time with music, [...]

Interview with Levi Sim: OOC Episode 19

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I have Levi Sim on the Out of Chicago podcast today! He is one of the most energetic photography teachers out there today. And he'll be with us this summer in Chicago! Follow Levi! Levi on Photofocus SDesignsPhotography @photolevi Sign up for the conference at See Levi's conference page with links to all [...]

Listen to Me on the Digital Photo Experience with Rick Sammon

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Rick Sammon interviewed me for his Digital Photo Experience Podcast with Juan Pons. We talked about night photography, HDR, and black and white photography. We also talked about the upcoming Out of Chicago Photography Conference in June. Rick wanted to make it this year to teach and hopes that he can make it next year. [...]

Interview with John Crouch: Part 2

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This is the second of half of my interview with Chicago Photographer John Crouch. Read part 1, here. [divider]   Tell us about your photography teaching experience in Chicago. My teaching experience started at the Chicago Photography Center. I started as a volunteer in their Photo 1 lab and eventually worked my way up to [...]

Interview with John Crouch Part 1

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The New No. 2. How did you get that name? And who's number 1? And the old number 2? So many questions. By the time I signed up for Flickr it seemed like all the good nick names were taken so I went for a really obscure reference. Most people assume that it is a [...]

Interview with Architectural Photographer Luis dos Santos

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Today we have an interview with one of my favorite architectural photographers, Luis dos Santos. You will be blown away by Luis’ photos. I know I was. […]

Interview with Chicago Photographer Brian Koprowski

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Hotel 71, View from the 26th Floor.   Today we welcome one of my favorite Chicago photographers, and friends, Brian Koprowski. I met Brian on our first Out Of Chicago photo walk where he had to leave early when he received a phone call for an all-you-can-eat ribs offer. Brian has a huge passion for [...]

Interview with Photographer Christopher Foltz

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Today's photographer interview is with one of my favorite Chicago photographers, Christopher Foltz.  Christopher specializes in dramatic shots of Chicago.  He has a unique and powerful post-processing technique and he shares some of his secrets here today. Christopher Foltz     Hi Christopher.  Thanks for joining us on Q. Give us a little info [...]