Enter the CameraLabs with Gordon Laing: OOC Podcast Season 4 Episode 4

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How low can you go? It’s the Platypod Pro Max

I have been using the Original Platypod Pro for a few months and it’s a great little device. Platypod is about to release its latest; the Platypod Pro Max. The Platypod Pro Max takes the [...]


Choosing your first DSLR lens

Ever since I first bought my DSLR about five years ago, I’ve had a belief that great lenses will help enhance your photography experience. It’s certainly not the end-all solution to make [...]


Getting started with iPhone photography tools

“Why would you take professional photos with your iPhone?” This is a question I am asked often. I simply say, “I love having a camera and darkroom in my pocket with the ability [...]


Gear roundup: Packing your event photography bag

As a corporate event photographer, I’ve worked with a variety of equipment over the years. My bag is limited in space, but it’s large enough to hold everything I need. Obviously you [...]


Functionality over fashion: Choosing a camera strap for your DSLR

When I look inside my camera bag, there’s several things that are always there. My camera and everyday lenses, first and foremost. But the one staple that a lot of photographers don’t [...]


Untangling the backup mess

One of the biggest struggles I’ve found any new photographer has isn’t related to shooting, post-processing or even marketing. It’s how to backup and take care of their digital photos over time. [...]


Blab recap: Choosing a tripod

During last week’s Blab show, we talked to Jim Welninski, Levi Sim and Nick page about choosing a tripod. A tripod is great for not only long exposure work, but also helping you slow down [...]