How low can you go? It’s the Platypod Pro Max

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I have been using the Original Platypod Pro for a few months and it's a great little device. Platypod is about to release its latest; the Platypod Pro Max. The Platypod Pro Max takes the original Platypod to the next level. With the orginal Platypod I would throw it in with my mirrorless camera and a very small [...]

Choosing your first DSLR lens

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Ever since I first bought my DSLR about five years ago, I’ve had a belief that great lenses will help enhance your photography experience. It’s certainly not the end-all solution to make award-winning photographs…but by purchasing some quality glass, you can be better prepared for what’s thrown your way. If you're wanting to focus on photography [...]

Getting started with iPhone photography tools

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"Why would you take professional photos with your iPhone?" This is a question I am asked often. I simply say, "I love having a camera and darkroom in my pocket with the ability to be creative anywhere, anytime." The iPhone can take amazing photos right out of the box, however if you add additional camera [...]

Gear roundup: Packing your event photography bag

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As a corporate event photographer, I've worked with a variety of equipment over the years. My bag is limited in space, but it's large enough to hold everything I need. Obviously you have your camera, but what else do you need to bring? While some photographers bring all their gear, I like to stay as mobile [...]

Functionality over fashion: Choosing a camera strap for your DSLR

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When I look inside my camera bag, there's several things that are always there. My camera and everyday lenses, first and foremost. But the one staple that a lot of photographers don't think about is something you can pick up for around $50. It'll be one of your cheapest accessories for photography. It'll be something [...]

Untangling the backup mess

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One of the biggest struggles I’ve found any new photographer has isn’t related to shooting, post-processing or even marketing. It’s how to backup and take care of their digital photos over time. This was a struggle for me. Two years into my semi-professional photography career, my only backup was a single external hard drive that [...]

Blab recap: Choosing a tripod

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During last week's Blab show, we talked to Jim Welninski, Levi Sim and Nick page about choosing a tripod. A tripod is great for not only long exposure work, but also helping you slow down and think about the composition and shooting process. If you weren't able to catch it, be sure to watch the complete [...]

A Few of My Favorite Things. For Sale.

By | September 9th, 2015|Categories: Gear|

I'm not sure exactly what direction I'm headed right now with my camera gear. But I know that I have way too much stuff that I rarely use. I also may switch to go all mirrorless. So I'm selling some of my favorite camera equipment. If you're interested in buying any of it, drop me [...]

An Inexpensive and Awesome Mirrorless Camera Kit

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The Olympus E-M10 has been an amazing little camera. When I bought it, I knew that I wanted it to try some street photography and to shoot more detail shots when shooting architecture. So I got a 17mm 1.8 lens for street photography and the inexpensive 40-150mm for details. I figured I would quickly need [...]

A Go Anywhere Camera

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Welcome another new contributor to Out of Chicago, Pat Coddington! You've probably heard the saying, "The best camera is the one you have with you". It's run through my mind a few times recently when I found myself somewhere without a camera, wishing I had one. Sometimes it happens when traveling, or often when I'm [...]