Shooting the Supermoon

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The next occurrence of a “supermoon” is in just a few days, on August 10th, that being when a full moon makes its closest approach to the Earth. From a photographic perspective, a slightly larger and brighter moon is really not all that important, but it sure is fun! You’ll likely see large groups of [...]

Butterflies and Blooms is Open at the Chicago Botanic Garden

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Article and images by Anne Belmont The Butterflies and Blooms exhibit is up and running for the summer at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This is the third year for the exhibit at CBG and it continues to be very popular and a summer favorite at the Garden. If you enjoy photographing butterflies in a garden [...]

Spring Boat Runs

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Milosh has been doing a great job sharing the best events for photographers in Chicago at Out of Chicago. Join his meetup group to shoot some of these things with him. Take it away, Milosh!   If bridges along the Chicago River are going up to allow sailboats to pass, it must be Spring, no [...]

Shooting Chicagohenge

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I'm planning on doing several meetups dependent on the weather,  you can follow my attempts in my group at: http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Photographic-Arts/      -Milosh Chicagohenge occurs when the sun sets directly along Chicago’s streets. Photos can be fantastic. This is of course all tied to the equinox, which occurs twice a year, in March and September, when the sun [...]

Mecca Flat Blues and aroundcenter at the Chicago Cultural Center

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As photographers, we’d like to believe that our work goes on beyond us. Several exhibitions at the Cultural Center are testimonials that it can. The Mecca Flat Blues exhibit is a stunning photographic exhibition that chronicles the Mecca Flats, an ornate building that transitioned through all classes of residents, eventually being demolished in 1951 in [...]

Your Guide to Photographing Open House Chicago 2013

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This may be the biggest weekend for Chicago Photographers. It's Open House Chicago. Many of Chicago's usually private buildings are open to the public. It's a dream come true for architecture fans and photographers. Read about all of the sites at the Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago site. People have been emailing me asking [...]

Full of Hot Air: The Centralia Balloon Fest

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Are you familiar with Centralia, IL? When you think “Out Of Chicago”, think way out of Chicago.  Centralia is located approx. 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri.   It is on the border of south-west Marion County with portions of the city located in Clinton, Washington and Jefferson counties. Centralia is one of those mid-west towns [...]

Fourth of July at the Baha’i Temple

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I've been spending some time going through my old photo collection on Lightroom and I came upon a set that I had done two summers ago during the Fourth of July fireworks in Wilmette. I was trying to find some example of long exposures. As I went through this collection, I realized that every shot [...]

Exhibit by Eric Holubow at the Chicago Cultural Center

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Slow Rise This is another shot from the beach at the Evanston Art Center and Grosse Point Lighthouse Beach. I was almost lying down on the beach trying to frame the sun between these old pier pilings.   Exhibit by Eric Holubow at the Chicago Cultural Center I've mentioned this guy before. He's got a [...]

Earth Hour Chicago

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Big Sister's Watching This is a shot from a few weeks ago when I was borrowing the Canon 8-15mm fisheye, shot at 14mm.  I am always admiring those shots from guys like Seth Oliver of reflections off of park benches and other objects around the city.  When I saw this puddle in Crown Fountain, I [...]