Photographing the Chicago bridges lift

Last year, I was in Chicago for the Open House Chicago event and I took the opportunity to photograph the bridges lift. I had been wanting to shoot the lifts for some time now and I was glad to [...]


Majestic beauty: Capturing the art of horses

It’s almost that time of year again. Pretty soon, horses will be everywhere. Oh, you thought I was talking about spring flowers? Right. Those will be everywhere soon too but if you’re an equine [...]


Shoot with the birds at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary

As warmer weather comes back to Chicago, so do the migrating birds to mix and mingle with our local resident avian population.  Naturalists, birders and photographers don’t have to leave Chicago [...]


A look at this year’s Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden

For those who enjoy photographing flowers during the cold Chicago winter, The Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden has an amazing display of eye candy to excite your senses. The greenhouses [...]


Get started in the Windy City with “Chicago’s Top 10 Amazing Photo Locations”

Let’s be honest, we all love Chicago. Whether it’s our favorite parks, theatres or public art, Chicago has everything for everyone. Today, we’re proud to announce our new eBook [...]


How I make Chicago “My kind of town”

Chicago, my kind of town! Every time I visit the Windy City I remember that Frank Sinatra song.  This city just has a way of making me feel new and energized anytime I visit. Be it in winter or [...]


Beyond the beaten path: Experiencing Chicago as a tourist

I’m a tourist. No, not the fanny-pack wearing type who pulls out his big printed map from 1990 looking around the city for the best tourist traps to hit. I’m a tourist, who happens to also be a [...]


Announcing the Out of Chicago app!

We’re proud to announce the Out of Chicago iPhone app, now available on the App Store! The app takes you to 100 of the best locations throughout Chicago, from tourist favorites to hidden [...]