Getting started with nighttime long exposures

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I spent much of this week so far working on some long exposure techniques. I wanted to play around with some different angles and heights that wouldn't always be accessible. Lucky for me, I had access to a few rooftops from a client for one night, and Out of Chicago Conference instructor Michael Muraz was [...]

Abstract architecture and cityscapes with Angie McMonigal and Michael Muraz: OOC Podcast Episode 46

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In this episode, Michael Novo sits down with Chicago's Angie McMonigal and Toronto's Michael Muraz during the Out of Chicago Conference. Despite both being architectural photographers, Angie and Michael focus on vastly different subjects. Angie focuses on the fine, abstract details on both the exteriors and interiors of buildings. Michael, on the other hand, focuses on cityscapes as [...]

Photographing the Chicago bridges lift

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Last year, I was in Chicago for the Open House Chicago event and I took the opportunity to photograph the bridges lift. I had been wanting to shoot the lifts for some time now and I was glad to be in Chicago at the right time (it's only possible a few times a year). Every [...]

Creating the fine art architectural photograph

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I love architectural photography. More specifically, I love fine art architectural photography. This begs a couple of questions. What is the definition of “fine art?" How do you make a fine art architectural photograph? The first question has been the subject of debate for centuries but for the purposes of this article I’m going to [...]

Bridging the gap between Chicago and travel photography

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Most photographers love to travel; given our curious nature we jump at the chance to explore other cultures and environments. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your photographic travel experience is fulfilling and you come home with images that capture the mood and feeling of that destination while also staying [...]

Shooting the Chicago fog

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Fog is a common occurrence in Chicago, and it's easy to lose motivation because of the bad weather. But fog is actually a wonderful opportunity to shoot something different! Bad weather is a great way to add drama and mood to your images. Fog acts as a giant softbox, so your shots will lack contrast [...]

The OOC Seminar on OHC Weekend

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Out of Chicago Architectural Photography Seminar We had a day filled with information from international award winning photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou on black and white, long exposure techniques, Chicago fine arts photographer, Angie McMonigal on abstract architecture compositions, and former architect, Tom Rossiter on advanced architectural photography projects, at the OOC Architectural Photography Seminar. Eric Rogers, Program Director for Open House Chicago, even came to [...]

Juan Moreno- Award Winning Architect & Speaker at the OOC Architectural Photography Seminar

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Juan Moreno As the president and founder of JGMA (Juan Gabriel Moreno Architects), a progressive architecture and design practice, Juan Moreno is an international award winning architect originally from Bogota, Colombia. He studied architecture at California State Polytechnic University Pomona and has been creating provocative architecture for 30 years. 311 W. Monroe Tech Offices [...]

Tom Rossiter, Speaker at the OOC Architectural Photography Seminar

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Tom Rossiter As a graduate from The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in architecture, Tom Rossiter was the President of McClier, a consulting, architecture, engineering and construction company, and hired by the University of Chicago to be part of the Design Build Develop methodology for the Gleacher Center. He became an architectural photographer [...]

Photographing Milwaukee with CJ Schmit: OOC Podcast Episode 22

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Milwaukee photographer, CJ Schmit, shoots night photography, cityscapes, and even some studio work. Check out his website here and you find him on Flickr, Instagram, and Fine Art America. He is now shooting for the Wisconsin Humane Society weekly. Listen to this Podcast for more about CJ and his long exposure techniques. Bus Tour Join us [...]