Shooting and stitching panoramas

When shooting cityscapes, and especially skylines, I like using wide image aspect ratios to showcase the width of the city. While sometimes it just means cropping 2:1, I often shoot panoramas to [...]


One World Observatory: Shooting New York from above

Last year, after a long wait and a lot of anticipation, One World Observatoryā€ˇ, the observatory at the top of One World Trade Center, finally opened. After 14 years, there is an observatory in [...]


Photographing the Chicago bridges lift

Last year, I was in Chicago for the Open House Chicago event and I took the opportunity to photograph the bridges lift. I had been wanting to shoot the lifts for some time now and I was glad to [...]


Shooting the Chicago fog

Fog is a common occurrence in Chicago, and it’s easy to lose motivation because of the bad weather. But fog is actually a wonderful opportunity to shoot something different! Bad weather is [...]