I promised at the beginning of the year that I would write a series on color. Here is part I of the series. Come back tomorrow for part II.

At our walk on Saturday, I loved the look of my images because of the pink, orange, and purple hues in the sky. It sure was interesting to see other images from the walk of the same subject at the same time have a completely different feel to them. Changing the white balance has tremendous effect on the feel of your images. Check out a few variations on today’s image changing only the white balance.


Daylight White Balance


Cloudy White Balance


Shade White Balance


Tungsten White Balance

Fluorescent White Balance

Fluorescent White Balance


Before you do any other editing to your image, make sure that your white balance is what you want it to be. For these types of shots, there is no “right” answer. Choose the white balance that gives the feel that you’re looking for. And I hope you’re shooting in RAW. If you’re not, I want you to try something. Try making drastic changes to your white balance on one image. Then try doing this with a RAW image. You will be astounded by the difference. When you shoot in jpeg, the white balance gets “burned in” to the image. You can’t change it later. You can change the color shift, but you’ll never get back to the data before the white balance was applied. So shoot RAW.

Come back tomorrow for part II of the Mastering Color Series.