Extreme Mammals!


Here are a few of my thoughts on the Magic Lantern Firmware for my Canon 5D Mark II. It was originally designed for videographers, but I have found the still image features very valuable.

Features for still photography

  • Adds an intervalometer to your camera for time lapses without the need to buy and carry a remote.
  • Extended bracketing up to 9 brackets with up to 5 stop differences for each bracket!
  • Bulb timer for exposures up to 8 hours.
  • Other little goodies like a motion trigger, sound trigger, and added options for the live view screen.

After my wired remote was bitten in two by my tripod, I have used the 2-second delay for 99% of my city shots. I love shooting this way and I continue to use it even after I have fixed the remote. But I miss the intervalometer. The Magic Lantern Firmware fixes this and adds the automatic bracketing and bulb exposures.

So far, I haven’t had any problems, and I love the added features. The camera takes an extra second or to start up, so I don’t use it for family photos or anything with quick action. But for shooting the city, it is the perfect companion to the 5D Mark II. I highly recommend it!

Magic Lantern Firmware is donationware. Donate at their page.