Iowa Capitol Dome Looking Up

My good friend, Jason Mrachina, invited me to join him on a tour of the Iowa State Capitol. The capitol gives free public tours, but this was a private tour with State Senator Daryl Beall.  Senator Beall turned out to be a photographer himself and he lead us on one of the most interesting tours I’ve ever been a part of. This image is from the main floor of the capitol building looking up into the main dome. The tour lead us to the top of the dome. We went above the marble columns at the top, above the flag and eagle suspended by guitar strings, above the clouds and eventually outside to the top of the cupola. Thank you Senator Beall for an unforgettable experience. Check out Jason’s amazing images from the capitol, here.


Iowa Capitol Building

If you get a chance to visit Des Moines, you want to visit the Iowa Capitol Building. The architecture inside and outside the building rivals anything that you can find in the midwest. There are many locations within the building where you could spend hours of your time trying to find the perfect composition. The dome is an obvious focal point, but there are several sets of winding staircases, great halls with ornate columns, and small details that will keep you searching all day.  I highly recommend a stop at the Iowa capitol for any photographer.